A free standing Solar Power Station that becomes your primary source of pure, constant, reliable electricity 24/7 for the next 25+ years before you start using the carbon based Network electricity supplied by ESKOM.

Integrates seamlessly with your current electrical installation, can be expanded with additional solar modules if required and has its own distribution board.

Professional design, packaging, installation and support ensures a robust, reliable source of energy with no Load shedding, Maintenance or Outages.

Soladi Africa...the Power in your hands.

Soladi back-up and free-standing power stations

Pre-paid network connection or basic off-grid supply

Solar/electric hybrid technology in a free-standing little power station with its own energy bank that operates in parallel with network energy or a generator.

Basic, entry level technology

1. 2.4 Kw
125 Ah x 24 V battery bank

2. 4 kw
225 Ah x 48 V battery bank


Analog network connection

Hybrid technology that supplies energy for self-use before network energy is used and provides back-up during outages while also grid-feeding excess energy into the network to reduce consumption.

Latest generation electronic suites

1. Oriental technology, 1 year guarantee extendable to 3.
3, 4, 5 Kw single phase and 10, 12 Kw three phase.

2. European technology, 3 year guarantee extendable to 20 years.
3, 4.5, 6 Kw single phase and 9, 18 Kw three phase.

3. Energy banks, 48 V
225 – 2 400 Ah specified on user and load profile.

Further details on request.

Commerce, industry and agriculture

Grid-tied solar modules

Standardised modules for connection at homes, offices, shops, factories, warehouses and for agriculture to reduce dependence on network energy and as a hedge against electricity price increases and inflation.

Single and three phase, 2.4 - 50 Kw modules available with multiple, parallel connections possible.

Further details on request.

Off-grid with generator support

Free-standing solar power stations to supply energy to specified demand where no network is available or wanted with generator back-up during inclement weather.

5 – 24 Kw units available.

Proven, transformer based electronics for extended life, reliable service and easy maintenance.

Further details on request.

General information

Each installation semi-customised to integrate seamlessly with current installation and to meet specified demand.

Wide selection of electronic suites to suit most user profiles.

Lead-acid battery banks supplied, installed and supported by Powertech, a division of the Altron group (Willard, Sabat and Hawker) countrywide.

Advanced energy management systems with cell phone/internet monitoring and control available.

Free consultation and design service incorporating an energy audit.

Neat, professional turn-key installation and connection with CoC in 5 days.

Built in Maintenance plan on all installations.

Further details on request.

Boutique designs

We have latest generation; smart electronic suites which we use for custom designs and combine with Lithium-Ion (like the Tesla – Powerwall) or Nickel-Cadmium energy packs for discerning clients that has the budget and wants the latest, cutting-edge technology.


Photo-Voltaic energy is carbon-neutral and requires no raw material to operate except sunshine, which we have in abundance, with the added benefits of no monthly accounts, running costs, outages or maintenance.

These benefits come at a cost and if combined with other solar technology, can be recouped in as little as 48-60 Months (Loadshed Super Combo) with normal payback within 7-10 years, while having energy security 24/7 for the next 25+ years.

We expect payback to reduce by 8-10% per annum for the next 4-5 years at current ESKOM escalation rates so there is no better time than the present to become an independent energy producer.

Extensive and constant research which are incorporated to improve our Power stations, geysers and alternative energy products ensures that the Soladi Africa range of products is, and will remain, on the cutting edge of applied Solar and alternative energy Technology.