Energy security for lights, office use and perimeter security, 24/7 even during load-shedding and outages with a reduction in energy consumption of 750/1000 Kwh (winter/summer) per month.

7.5 Kw Solar panel array

Custom Battery bank manufacture

2V Battery installation for 48V energy bank

Soladi Pro 900+ Power Station

Design layout into a distribution board

Design highlights

  1. A Soladi 900+ Powerstation.
  2. Single phase that integrates seamlessly with current 3 phase network connection.
  3. 6 Kw and 35 Amps, 24/7, for 25+ years, even during load shedding and outages.
  4. Gateway installation to accommodate modular “Grid-Tied” expansions in future to reduce dependency on the National Network.
  5. Fusion of proven transformer technology with latest generation digital controls creates an extremely robust, durable system developed locally over 30+ years.