Welcome to Soladi Africa, the company that walks the talk with green, alternative energy.

The explosion in demand for green, alternative energy has led to the establishment of a business that can offer complete turn-key, off-grid and carbon neutral building solutions.

We make it possible to live in complete harmony with your environment without leaving any carbon footprint, using only nature as your energy source.

These can either be incorporated into new projects or retro-fitted to reduce energy spend (saving you money) and consequently reduce your carbon footprint.

Soladi uses our innovative energy use analysis, an energy audit of all electricity uses before custom designing solutions for our clients.

Green technology in action


We offer free-standing Solar Power stations to either subsidize or completely replace electricity consumption from ESKOM as a cost cutting measure or for complete off-grid installation with no infra-structure support.

Generating capacities of 400 up to 4 000 Kwh per month are available and custom designs are done for Grid Tied energy saving designs with modules up to 50Kw.

Free standing designs allows for all modern conveniences like lighting, security, appliances, television and full connectivity for phones, chargers, computers, internet etc. 24/7, even during main grid failure or load shedding with no monthly bills or maintenance.

Life expectancy of 25-30 years and supported by our built-in 10 or 20 year maintenance plans.


The investment entry point in alternative energy.

Our basket of solar water heating systems cater for most requirements. All systems has been field tested, SABS approved systems that were registered on the Eskom rebate scheme and have a proven track record through multiple installations.

FACT: A properly installed solar geyser will save 40 – 60% of the electricity consumed in the average domestic home and is the biggest, single consumer of energy in the home.

All systems are available for after-market fitting.

All our installations come with a built-in 5 or 10 year maintenance plan which is part of the guarantee and is transferable upon the re-sale of the property.

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Lighting, in general, consume less than 10% of domestic consumption but is the logical step after SWH / PV options has been implemented.

Most modern appliances have energy ratings and the more +++’s they have above A, the less energy they consume.



Solar technology is carbon neutral.

A Soladi geyser system will save 1 – 2 tons of carbon poluting our atmosphere.

A Soladi “Off-Grid” domestic home will save 2 – 3.5 tons of carbon polluting our atmosphere.

Soladi Africa implements solar technology, which harvests this abundant and free energy source, to supplement or replace carbon based energy, without damaging the environment by simply replacing or substituting ESKOM supplied electricity.

The power in your hands.

If a structured application of available technologies is followed, investment in solar water heating is recouped within 18 - 36 months and PV technology pays for itself, through savings, within 5 –10 years providing energy security with constant, reliable energy, no outages or load shedding.